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The Dapper Dog Academy 

Meet Your Trainer 

My name is Korri Bennett. I have been professionally training dogs for 5 years. I began my journey into dog training while I was 911 dispatching. I had a food aggressive German Shepherd and hired a profession trainer to help. I fell in love with the process and the way the trainer was able to help me. I then did an internship with the trainer for several months. During my internship I attended workshops and seminars.

After leaving my career in dispatch I was the primary pet dog and puppy trainer for a company in the DFW area for 4 years. I have trained hundreds of different dogs and their families to have a better life with their dog.

I still continue to attend workshops, seminars, and consult with trainers all over the country to further my education and provide the best updated and new techniques for training dogs.

I have worked with prong collars, head halters, slip leads, and ecollars and believe in having many tools in my toolbox to use when it comes to handling different dogs and situations. I believe in using balanced dog training to give you a balanced relationship with your dog.

Currently in my own pack of dogs I have my senior chihuahua Lance, my three legged rottie Zola, my black lab Rhaella, and my pittie mix Zodiac.