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Turning Unruly Dogs into Proper Pups!

Meet Your Trainer 

My name is Korri Bennett. I have been professionally training dogs for 6 years. I started my journey when I was still a 911 dispatcher and got a difficult German shepherd puppy. After hiring a professional trainer I fell in love with the process of training and building better relationships with my dogs. I then interned for that trainer for several months and then went on to work for a company in the DFW area as the primary puppy and pet dog trainer.

I am familiar with a variety of tools and techniques and I love learning. I am what you would call a balanced trainer and believe every dog needs to know how to make good choices to be successful. I continue to consult and talk to other trainers while also going to classes and workshops as often as I can to make sure I stay up on my education with dog behavior and training.

With my own personal dogs I love teaching tricks, nosework, and any new sport I will try.

My biggest goal as a dog trainer is to give my clients a better relationship with their dogs so they can all live their best life! 

Currently in my own pack of dogs I have my senior chihuahua Lance, my three legged rottie Zola, my black lab Rhaella, and my pittie mix Zodiac.