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Turning Unruly Dogs into Proper Pups!

Board and Train Programs 

Why should you pick a board a train program for your dog? Board and trains are great for many different reasons. You may have gotten a puppy and don’t have time to train on your own with your busy lifestyle. You could have a dog who is more energetic than your last dog and you’re overwhelmed. Maybe some bad behaviors and habits have started with your dog and you need a reset in your relationship with your dog. You could like the convenience of maintaining training instead of putting the hours in yourself. You could have had an emergency or a trip come up and instead of just boarding your dog you’d like them to get a little training as well. Whatever your reason may be my board and train programs are designed to help you and your dog get a foundation to live a better, more relaxed life.

Basic Board and Train 

The basic Dapper Dog board and train is 3 weeks long and suited for 4 months and older. This is my most popular board and train program!

It covers the basic commands of Sit, Down, Place, loose leash walking, and recall on leash. I also work with the dog on staying in all commands. It also addresses pesky behaviors such as puppy biting and chewing, jumping, running toward the doors, begging, excessive barking,digging, practice for traveling in the car, and potty training.

The Basic Dapper Dog Board and Train is 3 weeks long. 

3 week Program for puppies under 4-6 months $1800

3 week program for adolescent and adult dogs 6 months and up $2300 

Advanced Off Leash Board and Train 

The Dapper Dog Academy Off Leash Board and Train program is an advanced version of the Basic board and train program. I take those basic commands of Sit, Down, Place, Leash walking , and recall and add in off leash reliability. I proof the stays and commands in different environments and situations so you can begin that off leash life with your dog. This program is great for people who travel with their dog a lot and like to go a variety of places with their dog.

This program is 5 weeks long. 

Off Leash is only available to dogs who have completed the foundation training in either a board and train or private lessons. 

Off Leash 5 week program is $3500

Other information

.Board and trains come with optional pick and drop off for an extra $20 fee. All board and trains include any collars or leashes your dog will need to continue training at home and be successful!